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Tailored CCTV Solutions for Businesses
CCTV Systems Installation

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) provides additional security to your intruder alarm and fire detection systems. Learn more about our CCTV systems installation below.

Providing Security For Over 30yrs
We Are Available 24/7
Quality Recognised Equipment Guarantee
  • Providing Security For Over 30yrs
  • We Are Available 24/7
  • Quality Recognised Equipment Guarantee

CCTV Systems Installation

Camera technology has evolved meaning that it is faster, efficient and better quality.

If your property has been burgled or damaged, then CCTV will give you the tools to monitor activity and record unauthorised entry. CCTV is also an excellent addition to your existing security systems such as intruder alarms and access control systems.

CCTV allows you to easily identify exactly when and where events occur as well as offenders and can provide evidence in the Court of Law.

Our CCTV systems installation solutions allow for footage to be stored for thirty days on a hard drive for viewing on a PC, laptop, or mobile device remotely if necessary.  There is no need for tapes or DVDs allowing you a hassle-free security system.

At SecurityWise, we are fully up to speed with all of the latest CCTV technology and our experts are continuously researching and sourcing the latest equipment.

Our CCTV systems installation services help protect your business through:

  • Network Video Recorders (NVR) – digital storage of images, hard drive storage capacity, multiple camera use, recording techniques & equipment
  • Day/Night Cameras – external applications, positioning, light levels, image quality, use of infra-red technology
  • Analogue Cameras – applications, suitability, cost-effectiveness, image quality, wiring
  • IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras – data transmission via internet, popularity, bandwidth, reduction in cabling, cost-effectiveness
  • Other camera types – full body, Dome & PTZ cameras, aesthetics and suitability
  • We also fit ANPR cameras for various local authorities

CCTV deters offenders because it is a visible piece of security equipment that allows you to keep your property and employees safe. It is video evidence of the movements that have taken place in your premises.

CCTV can also identify potential safety hazards such as blocked escape routes and fire hot spots. We can provide CCTV systems maintenance to ensure your new security system is working effectively. 

A comprehensive Access Control System can enhance your CCTV security, giving you that added protection, assurance and peace of mind. Learn more about our Access Control solutions here and how well the two can work together.

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Access Control
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