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Tailored Nurse / Warden Solutions
Nurse / Warden Call

Our Nurse and Warden Call Services provide vulnerable patients and residents that extra protection for safety and peace of mind.

Providing Security For Over 30yrs
We Are Available 24/7
Quality Recognised Equipment Guarantee
  • Providing Security For Over 30yrs
  • We Are Available 24/7
  • Quality Recognised Equipment Guarantee

Nurse / Warden Call

At SecurityWise, we want to ensure that we offer solutions and that care and protect your loved ones.

For patients, vulnerable people and those that need extra support, our Nurse and Warden Call systems are for Nursing Homes, Hospitals, your own home, clinics and healthcare establishments. They are specially designed for ease of use with clear identification and excellent, efficient response will ensure peace of mind for all.

Advances in technology means that our security systems can detect environmental changes such as floods, fire and gas leaks. They can also monitor a change in a person’s location or condition.

Our experts can advise on your existing system as well as providing you with information on a new systems. We have the expertise and knowledge to advise you on:

  • Call methods – pendants and bracelets, buttons, pull-cords
  • Warden response – tannoy/intercom, mobile handset, repeat alerts, toilet/bathroom alarms, bogus callers
  • Nurse response – over-door lights, sounders, multi-zone coverage, pagers
  • Vulnerable person (e.g. dementia) – movement out of pre-defined areas, movement out of the property, carer response
  • Medical alerts – change of condition, medication reminders, falls

Call systems is the time-critical piece of equipment that is needed to save lives and ensure that we keep our people safe

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