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Tailored Access Control System for Businesses
Access Control

An access control system allows you to control who enters your property and limit access to certain areas of the building or complex.

Providing Security For Over 30yrs
We Are Available 24/7
Quality Recognised Equipment Guarantee
  • Providing Security For Over 30yrs
  • We Are Available 24/7
  • Quality Recognised Equipment Guarantee

Access Control

An access control system for your business allows you to control who enters your premises, providing additional security. 

Our high quality equipment which conforms to all the latest safety legislations is installed by our team of experts. Our services include:

  • Contactless key fobs and cards
  • Biometrics for authentication, including finger and palm print access
  • Audio and video intercom including features such as door release, wireless systems and multiple access points
  • Internet protocol (IP) based security systems

An integrated access control system has multiple benefits. They are convenient and incredibly flexible to use as well as being able to adapt to various environments. They can handle multiple changes in personnel or the geography of a building. Updates are rapid and designed to fit in with your business as it grows.

Additionally, these systems aren’t just designed to safeguard the entrance and exit points, they can provide you with complete security of your entire unit. This could consist of various outbuildings, sections that are used for high-value items, garages or car parks.

Automated Access

Automated access provides homes and businesses with a security solution which also acts as a deterrent against theft and damage, allowing you to control authorised entry. Whether you are located in a rural environment, urban area or city, our security systems such as bollards, barriers, automated gates and controlled entry give your home or business the security you need.

Why you should automate:

  • Security – whether your property is city central or rural, automated entry acts as a deterrent and allows you to control who enters your premises.
  • Privacy – gates offer you privacy within your home and allow you to control who has access to your property.
  • Convenience – you are in control, with remote activation.

Our Gate and Barrier expert who is Door & Hardwardware Federation (DHF) qualified, can assess your existing gates, barriers or bollards to fully inspect your current security measures to ensure that they comply with safety standards and will provide you will a full report and any recommendations.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, we provide a free on-site survey and risk assessment.

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