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Tailored Fire & Life Systems Solutions for Businesses
Fire & Life Systems

80% of companies never fully recover from fire damage. Ensure you are fully protected and meet the latest legislations by contacting a member of our Team to discuss Fire Prevention and Detection

Providing Security For Over 30yrs
We Are Available 24/7
Quality Recognised Equipment Guarantee
  • Providing Security For Over 30yrs
  • We Are Available 24/7
  • Quality Recognised Equipment Guarantee

Fire & Life Systems

A fire at your business can be a devastating event that many businesses never recover from.

Fire Safety Legislation is constantly changing. Our team of expert advisers will ensure that your Fire Prevention and Detection systems are up to date and meet current legislation.

Our experts can advise on the following and give you a quote for these systems:

  • Risk Assessment – written procedures, instructions, signage, certification, responsible person appointment
  • Fire Detection Systems – Conventional/Non-Addressable (Entry level for small business), Addressable (hotels, offices, factories)
  • Remote Monitoring – Alarm receiving Centres, Keyholder/Fire Service response
  • Types of Detection – Break Glass Units, Optical Smoke Detectors, Ionisation Detectors, Heat Detectors, Multi-sensors, CO2 detectors, Beam Detectors, Flame Detectors and more.
  • Warnings & Means of Alert – sounders, strobes, vibrating devices & assistive technology (under the Disability Discrimination Act for the hearing and sight impaired)
  • Alarm System Category – Fire Alarm/System standards, suitability, risk assessment
  • Handover & Certification – Correct operational procedure, testing, certification, log book completion, manuals, zone legends
  • Maintenance – important tests and checks, call-out facility, breakdowns, warranty

Fire can destroy buildings and their contents in seconds. A fully integrated Fire Prevention and Detection system will safeguard your company.

We can provide a combination of Fire Detection and Prevention equipment along with Intruder Alarm, Access Control and CCTV for that total security solution.

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Intruder Alarms
Our Intruder Alarms provide a security service that will protect your people, buildings, vehicles, stock and equipment.
Access Control
An access control system allows you the flexibility to allow who enters your property. We offer solutions that can limit access to certain areas of the building or complex giving additional security and control.
CCTV Systems
CCTV is an ideal way to ensure that you can identify when and where there may have been security breaches.
ICT / Data Infrastructure
Your computer hardware and software is probably the mainstay of your business, so it needs to be reliable, efficient and secure.

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