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Reining-in the rise in equine crime

Rosy mornings plodding around the paddock with your equine friend may seem like an idealistic lifestyle but to those who own horses, there is a danger lurking in the horizon.

In the last few years crimes against the equine has sharply risen, says insurer NFU Mutual, with claims on equine insurance tripling in the year 2012 and continuing to rise ever since. What is even more frightening about these attacks is that the criminals have no bounds. Not only are they stealing the equipment or horses, they are also vandalising the property itself, leaving horse owners devastated.

With tack and horse boxes accounting for 60% of claims on insurance, horse owners are right to feel threatened. Horses may be a huge emotional investment, but they are also an expensive one and of those who have found themselves a victim of these crimes, many have discovered that they have under-insured their property too.

Despite many rural communities making movements against these crimes with Horse Watch Schemes, it is not enough. Nothing is more effective in protecting your equine interest than investing in better personal security. By seeking out the newest generation of surveillance and access systems, you will sleep easier knowing that you’re saddling up against the rise of equine crime.

In spearheading our own campaign against equine crime, The Security Services Group are continuously looking for the latest innovations in security technology, in the hope of keeping horse owners ahead of the ever changing game of the crime underworld.

Of course, fitting the latest CCTV systems is only one of the many services we offer in the protection against these rural criminals. There is also Biometric Access Control granting restrictions to desired areas, infrared beam protection and gates or barriers, all of which are designed to out-wit and catch out the most accomplished criminal.

Although we want to believe we will never be a victim of such attacks, waiting idly will only allow the crime statistics to increase. Until we can see a significant decline in claims on insurance by taking personal measures against equine crimes, the country side will continue to be haunted by a menace that costs the country’s horse owners millions of pounds a year on insurance claims.

Don’t let the next victim be you. If you want more information, or need help on improving your equine security, call a member of our team today on 0800 0194 261 for advice.