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Smart Home Kitchen Technology

Smart Home Kitchen Technology

Smart home kitchen technology is booming. More than hi-fi, home-cinema, and even security, kitchen technology can actually make us thrive. Think about all of the nutrition initiatives and see how technology can make it easier to eat yourself fitter.

Diet is everything, the food we eat determines the people we are and the people we become. And let’s face it, we all need a little nudge form time to time to avoid the dreaded TV Dinner/ Fast food diet.

This is where technology can really help.

Smart Ovens

The best smart cookers come with many features; confused by matching the weight of the joint to the time it takes to cook? Fear not, a decent Smart oven can do this for you. Even better, it can film it while its cooking and stream that video to your smartphone.  From touch screen doors to cameras. scales and intelligent cleaning, a smart oven is as close to miraculous as it comes. Check out the Hoover Vision and watch that chicken cooking from the comfort of the sofa. Or the exercise bike!

Smart Fridges

For sheer space age savour faire, the Samsung Family Hub is the fridge of choice, so smart it can even do your shopping for you! As Samsung themselves describe it “Shop for groceries, track food expiry dates, get recipes, organise your schedule and even see who’s at your door.” Got a secret lemonade drinker in the family? The Family Hub can send a photo to your mobile phone! The smart screen on the door not only shows you the contents of the fridge, but can also show you the TV, play music and display messages. So modern it’s practically futuristic.

More pragmatically, a fridge door left open will cost you a fortune as it tries to chill the entire neighbourhood. A smart fridge will not only “beep”, it will send you a text!

Smart Washing Machines

Slightly less glamorous, (Sensible Technology for sensible People?) but arguably more essential, a smart washing machine connects to your wi-fi in order to send you messages when the washing is done, makes sensible decisions relating wash load to volume of water and detergent, self diagnoses issues and respond to voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant. It does what it says on the tin, only smartly. Checkout Bosch, Miele and Hoover for the smartest solutions.

Smart Dishwashers

File under sensible – but wait a moment.. Smeg have an amazing technology called Perfect Dry that creates heat by applying science – the machine exposes minerals to the humid air inside the machine, causing a reaction that generates heat. Result – Perfectly dry cutlery. Most will have sensors to detect how dirty your plates are and will adjust the settings accordingly, saving energy, time and your money. Checkout Bosch, Miele, Samsung and Whirlpool.

Smart Coffeemakers

Smart Home kitchen technology doesn’t begin and end with white goods. We’ve come along way since the Teasmade and the Goblin represented the acme of smart technology. Connected to Alexa or Google Assistant, your coffee maker should be able to conjure up a perfect cappuccino to order – even if you’re not there. Checkout Atomi and Nespresso, but the Gina Smart Coffee Instrument boasts design to die for as well as an app.

Smart Bins

Imagine if your bin noted everything you threw away and generated a shopping list for you. Hold that thought and savour it a while. Because Eugene can! Eugene is an app and a hardware device. The App encourages us to recycle better and consume responsibly – You input your shopping and it will measure your trash’s impact on the environment and advise on your nutrition. The scanner pretty much cuts you out of the equation, simply scan an item on the way to the bin and Eugene will do all the calculations in the background. Genius!

Intelligent Scales

The Drop Scale is another App/Hardware combo that is simply genius. In addition to weighing your ingredients, the app will suggest recipes based on those ingredients and better still, scale the measurements to suit the amount of ingredients you actually have. Leftovers will never be the same again. Available in the UK from Amazon and Lakeland.

Of course the key to all of this is connectivity. And this is where Control 4 comes in. Providing a secure layer of connectivity with compatibility for over 16,000 different smart devices, Control 4 is the heart of your smart home. From turning up the heating and locking the doors, to switching on the oven and brewing the coffee, taking time out for a movie in between. Security Wise are approved Control 4 installers and can advise you on your choice of the core smart technologies – security, thermostats etc. Build your smart home on a secure foundation.

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