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Telford top of the league for burglaries

It is the league table no town wants to top – the cost of burglaries on homes and businesses.


More than 11,000 burglaries have been committed in Shropshire since 2014 – as new figures show the value of property stolen by thieves is on course to rise for a third year running, with Telford having the unfortunate honour of being the worst hit.

Figures obtained from West Mercia Police reveal more than £11 million worth of valuables have been stolen over the past four years.

And the data shows the amount rose from 2015 to 2016 and was set to go up again in 2017.

Across Shropshire, the value of property stolen in 2015 was £2,540,054, £2,797,907 in 2016 and £2,797,042 for the 10 months up to October 2017.

These figures were lower than in 2014 when the estimated total value of items stolen in burglaries and aggravated burglaries recorded was £3,341,109.

A total of 11,138 burglaries were committed across the county, including 2,560 in 2014, 2,838 in 2015, 2,705 in 2016 and 3,035 up until October last year.

And on nine occasions a person was injured during a burglary in the past four years in Shropshire – including five of which took place in Telford.

Charity Victim Support, the independent charity for people affected by crime and traumatic events in England, says burglary can have an emotional impact on victims of the crime.

Spokeswoman Claire Powell said: “Victims tell us time and time again that they suffer far more than lost possessions when their home is burgled; there can be a lasting effect on the whole family.

“Burglary not only robs victims of their physical possessions – it can also rob people of their sense of security at home, a place where everyone should feel most safe.


“What’s vitally important is that all victims have access to the support they need to help them cope and recover.”

“Victim Support provides emotional and practical help to victims of all crimes, including burglary, whether or not the incident has been reported to the police.

Householders who are victim to burglaries are advised to get their homes secured as quickly as possible and to look at ways of making properties more secure for the future.

Ms Powell added: “Some security measures can be expensive, but there are other things you can do that cost much less, such as leaving lights or a radio on when you go out and checking that all doors and windows are properly closed and locked.

“Your local police station or neighbourhood policing teams may be able to arrange for someone to give you home security advice.” Anyone looking for support can contact Victim Support’s 24/7 support line number 0808 16 89 111 or visit via victimsupport.org.uk

(Source: Shropshire Star)