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Home Automation Virtual Tour

Our socially distant Covid 19 proof home automation virtual tour shows how smart houses can be brought under the control of a single secure system.

We are Control4 certified installers and can help you move from design through choice of smart devices and operating system all the way to your first smartly brewed cup of freshly ground coffee!

Control4 supports nearly 17000 different devices, from Smart Ovens to locks, lighting and security systems. Even better, it does this securely and with an interface that you don’t need a degree to understand! Control can come via an app on your Smart Phone, enabling you to switch on the oven from the shops so you can get that chicken cooking a little bit faster. Or from a wall mounted Smart Screen where lights, blinds and windows can be opened. closed or switched off with a single touch. Or from a handy tablet like controller that can be mounted on a handy stand.

Convenience is the way forward with Smart technology. We’ve all downloaded apps to our mobile phones and then wondered where they got to and when did we last use them? Control4 is the answer to this burgeoning confusion. Your connected devices can be controlled from a single controller, including systems such as Amazon’s Alexa, Nest and Google Home.

Control4 Home Automation runs in a VPN within your existing home network. That means it can only be accessed from devices running apps that are registered with your network.This works in the same way as you can use an app to turn up your central heating from work. It is both secure and seamless and Control4 can connect to any device that is already connected to your home network.

System such as Sonos, that control music all over the house can easily be integrated into a Control4 System, Smart locks from Yale can be locked or unlocked from afar via your Smart Phone and these days, your oven can even send a video of your Sunday Roast to a connected phone!

The showroom contains a Control4 system with integrated CCTV, Locks, Music, Lighting, Central Heating, Burglar alarm and even a coffee machine. The blinds open and close according to light levels, windows open automatically, triggered by temperature. There are no intrusive cables, only a couple of remote controls and wall mounted switches. You can book a demonstration here

If you’re unable to make it in person, you can use the virtual tour to take a spin around our Home Automation Showroom. We can’t promise you can turn on the lights, but you can see for yourself the smart technology in action. Either let the tour do it’s own thing, clicking occasionally on the information points or use your mouse or finger to move the screen to the place you want it to be – zoom in or out. The tour covers a full 360° sphere within the showroom.

If you’re interested in Smart Home Technology and how it all works, download our brochure here.

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